Meet The Team

The good folks behind switcheRR

The team behind SwitcheRR are experts within the field of conversion and automation. Originally we created the bMenu system for browsers that automatically extracted the menu from any given website, allowing for deep navigate it in seconds. Next we created bMobilized that has now converted more than 3,3 million sites to mobile.

Our next challenge is how to automatically reuse all the content of an existing website and turn it into a modern, responsive site automatically. Welcome to SwitcheRR, our latest innovation.

SwitcheRR converts your website to a fully responsive version running on a WordPress installation, in less than 60 seconds. Nobody has done this before.

So, who will benefit from this? Well, everybody that would like to have a modern looking website. We think the speed & automation will make it become one of the most useful tools for the WordPress developers and designers. We also write specific transfer processes for partners with legacy CMS systems, they can now easily modernize all their sites.

Welcome to the future of web design!

Bjorn Holte

Bjorn Holte

Founder & CEO

Bjorn is a serial entrepreneur starting his first tech company at the spritely age of 16. As the son of a telecommunication professor, Bjorn was introduced to the internet in 1992 and hasn’t left since.

Bjorn quickly found a niche for himself the tech field and now holds 5 patents within search, menu systems and converting web content to mobile. Bjorn is the CEO & founder of bMobilized Inc which has converted more than 3.2 million sites to mobile.

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Marco Donizelli

Marco Donizelli


Marco is the mad scientist behind the technology that drives the switcheRR engine. Bringing over 20 years experience in all aspects of software development, Marco doesn’t know the meaning of “it can’t be done”. If you can imagine it, Marco can build it.

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Adam Pena

Adam Pena

Production Manager

Making websites look amazing & complicated things seem simple…this is Adam’s bread & butter. A bridge, if you will, between the coding guys and you…the end user. Adam has a hands on approaching to problem solving.

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SwitcheRR & You

In the competitive web design industry, SwitcheRR offers an easy solution for converting your site into a responsive template. SwitcheRR gives you a large range of features that allow you to control virtually every aspect of the websites.

Need Help? Call us at (877) 205 - 5420 | 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday EST Live Chat, Email and Tickets are also available.